Madden 25, The Second One, Reveal Coming This Week, It’s Claimed

Madden 25 reveal
Madden 25 reveal

It looks like NFL fans are going to get a double-dose of big news this week. In addition to the league’s schedule release, Madden 25 appears to be set for a reveal.

According to reliable data minter billbil-kun, EA Sports is set to reveal Madden 25 on Thursday, May 16. The game is scheduled to be released on August 16 with four days early access starting August 12.

As far as the game is concerned, billbil-kun says that it will have a reworked physics engine among other updates. The updates to this year’s game — such as improvements to Franchise and Superstar Mode — are expected to be a part of the reveal on May 16 along with pricing and the various editions of the game.

The report says that the game’s cover athlete isn’t expected to be revealed during the initial announcement.

“We believe the identity of the player on the cover of the game will be revealed at a later stage, unlike the first announcement of Madden NFL 24 last year,” the report says.

One feature that is expected this year is the inclusion of new broadcasters. Current commentator Charles Davis revealed back in December 2023 that Madden 25 will feature multiple announce teams for the first time.

Madden 25 will be the second game of the same name. Back in 2013, EA Sports celebrated the 25th anniversary of the franchise by renaming Madden 14 to Madden 25.

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