How to Solve Sinakawak Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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Shrines are back in Tears of the Kingdom, and some are more difficult than others. Sinakawak shrine can be found just outside of New Serenne Stable, to the Northwest of Lookout Landing. Most players will stumble across the stable and shrine by following the Regional Phenomena quest, which takes them to the Hebra region Northwest on Purah’s behalf. This can be a good shrine to obtain for fast travel to a close stable. Read on for our solution on how to solve Sinakawak shrine.

Sinakawak Shrine Solution

It’s important to remember there are multiple ways to solve any shrine and puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom. This shrine gives a hint as well: An Uplifting Device. For the first step of the shrine, Link will need to use the air balloons and candles to get lifted up to the ledge. It’s too high to climb, and even using Ascend only gets Link halfway up the sheer wall. To solve this, use Ultrahand to grab one of the wooden platforms creating a ramp to the left, stick the balloon in the center, and then attach the candle. Link can jump up right away onto the makeshift flying platform, or he can use Ascend to rocket upward all at once.

A screenshot of link looking at his first candle balloon aircraft to solve Sinakawak shrine
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To activate the switch, you can simply take the balloon you used earlier and move it to press the button. This will bring you into a room that is quite high up, with a metal platform that can be crossed. On the other side of the room, drop down to see two more locked doors. There are also two indentations for one small orb and one larger one. That’s right: it’s time for another puzzle.

Link connecting both orbs and balloons to a platform and letting them hover upwards to solve Sinakawak shrine
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For the last step to solve Sinakawak shrine, glide down to the floor below. There are two orbs here, one smaller and one larger. There are enough air balloons and candles down here to send the orbs up separately, or you can attach everything to the plank. I opted for the latter approach. To do this, I put the giant orb in the center of the plank and the smaller orb at the back. Then, I put two air balloons on the left and right, and one in the front. After, I put three candles as close as I could to each balloon and watched it rise. Either use the ladder or Ascend, then take the orbs off of your makeshift flight device and put them in their respective slots. The door on the right will take Link to a chest. The door on the left will finally allow him to solve Sinakawak shrine and obtain his Light of Blessing.

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