Nachoyah Shrine Guide for Tears of the Kingdom

Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Yep, that’s right, shrines are back for Tears of the Kingdom. Eagle-eyed fans first noticed in a gameplay video from Nintendo what looked like a shrine icon on the mini-map. Now, we know for certain: Link will have to explore and conquer shrines in order to upgrade his abilities to take on the woes of the world. Nachoyah shrine will be the fourth and final tutorial area shrine to explore, and you’ll need to beat it before Link can get enough health to continue the story. Read on to see our Nachoyah Shrine guide to obtain your required health upgrade.

The Path to Beat Nachoyah Shrine

Once you obtain the power to recall, your NPC guide will tell you to tackle the fourth shrine. Once inside, there will be a raft floating down the water. Press RB to use the recall ability on it, taking Link back to the platform across the room. Do the same thing a second time, and ride the raft back up above the waterfall.

The hands of Nachoyah Shrine's door, frozen after using the recall power
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

At the top of the waterfall, there will be a massive gear. Using recall on this allows Link to rotate to the top of the platform to a chest. This isn’t a requirement to beat Nachoyah Shrine, but it never hurts to stock up on items.

Drop back down and move forward. There’s a closed gate here, with two rotating arms not entirely unlike a clock. The gate opens for a split second when both arms overlap, but not long enough to go all the way down and to allow Link entry. You’ll need to use recall right when the two arms overlap to get them to move backwards in unison, allowing Link enough time to jump through and obtain his Light of Blessing.

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