How to Fuse in Tears of the Kingdom

Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Zelda is back with a brand new adventure, and brand new abilities to use. One of those new abilities is Fuse, a power that will be bestowed upon Link early in his adventure. Fuse allows Link to combine all sorts of items to his bow, weapons, and shield. There’s a cost to this, of course, though sometimes you only need a quick gimmick weapon to get something done.

How to Fuse

Once players visit the In-isa Shrine, a tutorial shrine required to progress the game, they’ll get access to the Fuse ability. Using it is as easy as pressing the left bumper, selecting the Fuse power, and then pressing it again once. Fuse is denoted by a blue light radius, making it easily distinguishable from the other powers. To fuse, you only need walk up to an item on the ground (or throw one there yourself), in a tree, or elsewhere in the game. You can then see options to attach it to that are on Link’s person, denoted with separate buttons like ZL and Y. Attach a fruit to his shield, bombs to arrows, rocks to weapons- the game lets you put nearly anything together.

Screenshot by Insider Gaming.

Items don’t just fuse to shields and weapons, though. They can also be fused to arrows. Press ZR to take the bow out, and while holding, press the up button to choose an item to attach. The right stick can be used to cycle through items in the menu left and right, and you let go of the up arrow to finalize your selection, attaching to the arrow before it gets fired off.

Remember, items cannot be easily un-fused. Once stuck together, un-fusing them would require breaking the attached item without discovering a later NPC in the game.

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