How to Complete The Clickbait Quest in Dead Island 2

Clickbait is a side quest in Dead Island 2 that is triggered while you’re heading back through The GOAT Pen at the beginning of The Chosen One story quest. As soon as you pass through The GOAT Pen’s back gate, you’ll get a notification for a new side quest – Clickbait. You’ll also hear, and maybe see, some explosions on the roof of The GOAT Pen. Also, your slayer will say something about there being another plucky survivor around. Go up the rear driveway, then up the steps to the pool terrace (look out for GOAT Pen Brock). Next, go through the house and up to the roof terrace. Find Amanda on the higher roof at the west end of the mansion and speak to her. Interact with the DJ booth to start some music, then prepare to shoot you first influencer video. You’re about to learn the meaning of “maim” and the meaning of “burninate”.

How to Boot Brain-Eating Butts Off The Roof

To kick zombies off the roof during the Dead Island 2 Clickbait quest, first lure them to the edge of the roof, either by standing at the edge of the roof, or by using the Meat Bait Curveball. Once the zombies are in position, use the Drop Kick to kick them off the roof. Make sure you have the Drop Kick selected in your Skill Cards, and use jump and clicking the right stick to perform the kick.

How to go For The Limbs And Get Your Maim on

In the next part of the Dead Island 2 Clickbait quest, you have to remove 12 limbs or heads. To do this, equip a sharp weapon like a knife, machete, sword, or claws. Blunt weapons like pipes and wrenches are bad for maiming. Aim for the zombies’ arms, legs, and heads with a sharp weapon, and your blows will usually remove the targeted body part. It’s easier to do this if you knock the zombie over with a Drop Kick first.

How to Burninate Zombies to Death in Dead Island 2 Clickbait Quest

“Burninate” means “terminate by burning”, so now you need to knock or lure zombies into flames. There are quite a lot of flames on the roof already, but you can make more by picking up a jerry can and pouring gasoline everywhere. For best results, make a big puddle of gasoline, throw the Meat Bait Curveball into the middle of it, then use an Electroctor weapon to light it up.

Next you just have to kill the remaining zombies in any way you like, then talk to Amanda again to complete the Dead Island 2 Clickbait quest.