All Dead Island 2 Safe Deposit Box Key Locations

At the end of the fourth story quest in Dead Island 2, Call the Cavalry, you arrive at the Halperin Hotel. Behind the reception desk in the hotel lobby, there’s a bank of safe-deposit boxes, five of which can be opened with the right key. The Dead Island 2 safety-deposit box keys can all be found during the next story quest, Room Service for Major Booker. Find the exact locations of the Dead Island 2 safe-deposit box keys below.

Where to Find Safety Deposit Box Keys in Dead Island 2

Safe-Deposit Key #9 is on the long table in the hotel lobby. You’ll probably spot this one before you even notice the safety deposit boxes in the same area.

After you investigate the hotel pool, you’ll start making your way to the 3rd floor of the Halperin Hotel. When you reach the 2nd floor elevator lobby, don’t just pass through. Instead, hit the switch behind the note to open the elevator on the right. Kill the zombies inside and pick up Safe-Deposit Key #33 from the floor of the elevator.

Continue along the 2nd floor hallway, using the Chem Bomb by the dead firefighter to extinguish the flames. Turn left into room 208 and pick up Safe-Deposit Key #14 from the floor to the left of the bed. You should now have three safe-deposit box keys.

On the 3rd floor you’ll have to proceed using air vents at one point. Go straight on at the first “junction” inside the vents, then left at the next one. Safe-Deposit Key #49 is just around the next corner.

Safe-Deposit Key #53 is on the side of the bathtub in the bathroom of room 307.

If you missed any of these safe-deposit box keys while playing through Room Service for Major Booker, then unfortunately you’ll have to go all the way through the same route again in order to get them, and the zombies will probably have respawned. Once you have the keys, you can open the corresponding safe-deposit boxes behind the reception desk in the hotel lobby. They contain a lot of crafting materials, and a weapon.