How to Beat Becki The Bride in Dead Island 2

The first boss fight in Dead Island 2 happens at the end of the Room Service for Major Booker quest. After exploring the Halperin Hotel, you find The Major’s Master Keys in Room 307. Then you use the Major’s Master Keys to unlock the ballroom, where you use the radio to contact Dr. Reed. However, your conversation is interrupted when Becki the Bride appears on the balcony. Today was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, but instead she got turned into a zombie. You might think she also got turned into a huge, muscle-bound monster too, but the dress still basically fits, so we can assume she was never exactly petite. Your next objective is to dance with the bride, which basically means you have to kill her. The question is, how?

How to Win The Becki The Bride Boss Fight in Dead Island 2

There’s no shortcut to defeating Becki the Bride, but she isn’t that hard to beat once you know her attack patterns. She has two main types of attack, both of which are slow and easy to avoid if you’re paying attention. First of all she does a jumping ground and pound attack. Avoid this by jumping just as she’s about to hit the ground.

Her other attacks are all basically slow punches, and these are best avoided by pressing L1/LB to dodge. Generally, you should hit her with one or two attacks before dodging back, but sometimes she’ll get tied and hunch over for a little while. This is your chance to hit her with several attacks in a row. Aim for her head to inflict maximum damage.

When smaller zombies spawn, focus on getting rid of them before turning your attention back to Becki the Bride. Otherwise they’re bound to end up attacking you from behind. By now, you should have the Chem Bomb Curveball and at least one weapon with an Electrocutor mod. Using these in combination is effective against Becki the Bride. Throw a Chem Bomb at her feet, then hit the resulting puddle with your Electrocutor weapon to give her a shock. She’ll take damage and be vulnerable to attack for a little while.

If you get low on health and run out of Med Kits, then just run away for a while until your health regenerates. There’s plenty of space to do this, and Becki is really slow. Killing Becki the Bride completes the Room Service for Major Booker quest, and earns your slayer the Ground Pound ability skill card, which unlocks a special attack unleashed by pressing L1/LB and R1/RB together.