Where to Find Curtis’ Garage Key in Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2 Curtis’ garage is next to Curtis’ house, which is the huge mansion in the centre of the “Map to the Stars” Bel-Air district. Curtis’ house is also the location of Death of the Party, which is the first side quest you’re likely to come to. Death of the Party starts as you’re walking down Alpine Drive after leaving Emma’s house at the start of the Call the Cavalry quest. If you use the intercom, the gate will be opened and you can go up the driveway and find Curtis’ garage on the left. The door at the side is locked, and you need Curtis’ Garage Key to open it. So, what is the location of Curtis’ Garage Key in Dead Island 2?

What is the location of Curtis’ Garage Key in Dead Island 2?

To find Curtis’ Garage Key you actually need to get inside Curtis’ garage. You see, that side door isn’t really the way in. It’s the way out. The way in is actually through one of the large garage doors at the front. Use the switch between the two garage doors, and the one on the left will open. You’ll immediately be attacked by two zombies, so kill them. If you accidentally (or even deliberately) start a fire in the garage, this is bad news if you have low resilience. So, use one of the nearby water jerry cans to put it out.

Inside the garage there’s a crate with “FRAGILE” written on it. Smash that, then crawl through the gap into the other half of Curtis’ garage. Here you’ll find a workbench, and on that workbench are the Reinforced weapon perk blueprint and Curtis’ Garage Key. So, you can now unlock the side door and let yourself out. To be honest, you didn’t really need the key at all, but at least you know where it is now.