Dead Island 2 Fuse Locations

In Dead Island 2, fuses are essentially keys used to open doors that are locked by electric mechanisms. You’ll find empty fuse boxes next to locked doors in various locations throughout the game. For example, there’s one through the side gate of Emma Jaunt’s mansion in Bel-Air, near the start of the evacuation route. The door next to a fuse box can only be opened by inserting a fuse into the fuse box. There are no keys for these doors, and they can’t be broken down or otherwise destroyed. Behind every fuse box door, you’re guaranteed to find some valuable loot, so it’s well worth finding some fuses. If you want to know where to buy fuses in Dead Island 2, find them at the following locations.

Where to Get Fuses in Dead Island 2

You can’t actually find fuses as loot in Dead Island 2. The only way to get fuses is to buy them from one of the traders that stock them. The first trader that you can buy fuses from is Carlos, who can be found next to the workbench in Emma’s house. He’ll appear there at the beginning of the Call the Cavalry quest, after you complete the Bel-Air Brawl quest. Carlos has two fuses for sale at $1,500 each. That sounds like a lot of money just for a fuse, but the loot you’ll find behind those fuse box doors will make it a very worthwhile investment. If you’re still wondering where to buy else to buy fuses in Dead Island 2, you can also buy them from the trader Ezekiel, who can be found at the coastguard station at Santa Monica Pier. Those are the only two Dead Island 2 fuse locations currently known.

Once you have a fuse, all you need to do in order to open a fuse box door is place the fuse in the empty fuse box. The door will open automatically, and you can go through and help yourself to some loot. Beware though, these fuse box loot rooms usually contain zombies and sometimes other hazards too. The best loot, usually a rare weapon (but probably not a pistol), can be found in the Zomproof Slayer Hoard container somewhere in the room.