Where to Find The GOAT Pen Master Key in Dead Island 2

Early on in Dead Island 2, while you’re still in Bel-Air, you take a shortcut through a mansion called the “GOAT Pen”. As you pass through the house, and its many rooms and studios, you’re likely to find a number of locked doors that require you to unlock them using the Goat Pen Master Key. To be clear, this is not the GOAT Pen Keycard, which unlocks the front door and the backyard gate of the GOAT Pen. It’s a key which opens various rooms in the house, most of which contain valuable loot. The bad news, though, is that no matter how hard you look, you won’t be able to find the GOAT Pen Master Key until after you complete all 24 Dead Island 2 story quests. You can actually reach the location where the key is found at any time, but the key won’t be there until you start a specific side quest unlocked after you complete the story.

What is The Location of The GOAT Pen Master Key?

To find the GOAT Pen Master Key, you first have to complete the Death of the Party side quest, which becomes available during the Call the Cavalry story quest. Then you have to play all the way through the Dead Island 2 story. After you complete the Hollywood Ending quest, return to the Bel-Air HQ and speak to Curtis Sinclair to start the Creature Comforts side quest.

In this quest, Curtis asks you to get some luxury goods from his deceased neighbours houses, including a fancy bottle of wine from the GOAT pen. So, go to the front entrance of the GOAT pen, go through the gates, and turn left. Turn left again at the top of the stairs, then turn right. Follow the tall hedge one the left, then look down over the edge of the roof terrace. You should see a smaller terrace below. Jump over and drop down to this smaller terrace. Smash the alarm on the wall, then smash through the window and enter the bedroom. The GOAT Pen Master Key is on the little table on the right side of the bed. It’s the table in the bottom right of the screenshot below. We couldn’t get a full screenshot of it because it’s covered in blood, and Google doesn’t like that.