How to Investigate The Hotel Pool in Dead Island 2

During the story quest Room Service for Major Booker in Dead Island 2, you’re given the objective to investigate the hotel pool at the Halperin Hotel. In order to complete this objective, you need to inspect three different objects in the environment surrounding the pool. But the pool area is pretty large, so it’s not easy to find all three objects. The objects you’re looking for are a pump, a large container full of something called “Caustic-X”, and a sewer grate. Finding each one will fill the bar under “Investigate the hotel pool”, and once you fill the bar, your slayer will figure out what’s been going on here, and the objective will complete.

How to Investigate The Hotel Pool During Call The Cavalry in Dead Island 2

The pump is on the left of the pool, close to the fountain. It’s leaking a nasty looking green liquid from a thick hose. Inspect it and your slayer will conclude that it is a heavy pump. Inspecting it will also fill the bar under “Investigate the hotel pool” to 35%.

The two containers of Caustic-X are in the far right corner of the pool area. You have to inspect the one on the right with the visible label. Upon inspecting it, your slayer will note that Caustic-X is an industrial alkali. This will also add another 35% to the bar under “Investigate the hotel pool”.

The sewer grate is just in front of the Caustic-X containers, at the end of the hose leading around the pool from the pump. Inspect the sewer and your slayer will conclude that the authorities were pumping something straight down the drain.

Once you have inspected all three objects and filled the bar under “Investigate the hotel pool”, your slayer will realise that the army has been using Caustic-X to dissolve bodies in huge numbers. That concludes your investigation of the Halperin Hotel pool.