How to Get The Security Guard’s Safe Key in Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, you’ll first explore the Halperin Hotel during the Call the Cavalry quest. As you pass through the hotel grounds, you’ll probably spot a small security kiosk. And, if you get inside that security kiosk, you’ll find the Halperin Security Safe. This safe requires the Security Guard’s Safe Key to open it, so you’ll now be wondering where the Security Guard’s Safe Key is. The Security Guard’s Safe Key is dropped by a unique Deadly Zombie called Hotel Security. The Hotel Security zombie can be found near the security kiosk, but he doesn’t spawn until after you complete the Room Service for Major Booker quest, which comes after Call the Cavalry.

Where to Find The Security Guard’s Safe Key in Dead Island 2

If you’re still on Call the Cavalry, continue onward, investigating the pool and beating Becki the Bride along the way. Defeating Becki the Bride will complete the Room Service for Major Booker quest, and this will spawn the Hotel Security Zombie in the underground parking garage southeast of the security kiosk. So, head back that way, and prepare yourself for a tough fight.

Hotel Security is one of several Deadly Zombies in the underground parking garage, one of which is a Crusher (like Becki the Bride without the dress). Take advantage of the water gushing everywhere in this area by electrocuting zombies as much as possible. And try to lure one zombie at a time out of the parking garage, so you can fight them individually. The good news is that if you die during this fight, the Deadly Zombies won’t get any of their health back. So, even if you’re getting your butt kicked repeatedly, you can still kill Hotel Security eventually.

Take the Dead Island 2 Security Guard’s Safe Key from Hotel Security’s corpse, then smash the alarm above the door of the security kiosk. Next, smash the maglock panel outside the kiosk, and the one inside the kiosk by throwing a weapon through the window. Now you can open the Halperin Security safe, and help yourself to a powerful weapon.