How to Open a Maglock in Dead Island 2

There are many different types of lock in Dead Island 2. Most of them can only be opened with the right key, keycard, or code. But there are other types too. Some doors are bolted on one side. Some can only be opened by inserting a fuse in a nearby fuse box. And some are locked using magnetism. These maglocks cannot be opened using a key or any other item. The only way to unlock and open Dead Island 2 maglocks is to destroy some stuff. Not the maglock door itself, but the electrical panels that are powering the lock. Sometimes there’s only one panel, but sometimes there are multiple panels. And some panels are in plain sight and easy to reach, while others require a bit of searching to find, and some ingenuity to destroy.

How to Unlock Maglock Doors in Dead Island 2

The first maglock door you find in Dead Island 2 is in the mansion you pass through on your way to Emma’s house. The panel for this door is right next to the door and at eye level, so you don’t need to follow the cables to find it. You also don’t need to do any clever tricks to destroy it. But the next maglock door you’re likely to find has two panels, one of which isn’t quite so simple to find and destroy.

To get inside the security kiosk in front of the Halperin Hotel (and get to the Halperin Security Safe), you need to open its maglock, and there are two panels to destroy. The first one is on the outside back wall of the kiosk, and so is easy to find and destroy.

But you’ll have to look and think just a little harder to find and destroy the second one. It’s inside the kiosk, right next to the maglock door, so you can only see it through the kiosk windows. But you can’t get close enough to it to hit it with a melee strike. So, you need to throw one of your weapons (ideally something small) at the panel through the window.

That’ll open the door, but if you want to be really smart, you should destroy the alarm box above the maglock door first. If you smash the kiosk window without destroying the alarm box, then the alarm will go off and a horde of zombies will come shuffling at you.

As Dead Island 2 progresses, the maglock door panels get harder to find and harder to destroy, but the principle is always the same. Follow the cables leading from the door, then figure out how to destroy the panels.