How to Get Brock’s Safe Key in Dead Island 2

During the first few quests of Dead Island 2, you take a shortcut through a large Bel-Air Mansion called The GOAT Pen. The mansion is a home and studio for a group of obnoxious social media influencers. At least it was before the zombies came to town and all Hell-A broke loose. You can pass through The GOAT Pen pretty quickly, but if you explore a little, you might find a bedroom with a safe in it called The Safe of Broseidon. This safe can only be unlocked using Brock’s Safe Key – Broseidon is Brock’s nickname for himself. Told you they were obnoxious. Brock’s Safe Key is in the possession of Brock, who is now a Crusher-type Deadly Zombie called GOAT Pen Brock. But GOAT Pen Brock doesn’t spawn until you’ve completed the Room Service for Major Booker quest, and night has fallen on Hell-A.

Where to Find Brock’s Safe Key in Dead Island 2

After you complete Room Service for Major Booker and the next quest, The Chosen One, begins, your objective will be to head back ro Bel-Air. This means cutting back through The GOAT Pen again, and now that it’s night, GOAT Pen Brock has come out to play. He wanders around a bit, but we found him inside the workout room on the west side of the large pool at the back of the mansion. Kill GOAT Pen Brock, and he’ll drop Brock’s Safe Key.

How to Beat GOAT Pen Brock

GOAT Pen Brock has the same moves as other Crusher zombies like Becki the Bride and the Drill Sergeant. This means his attacks hurt a lot, but they’re easy to avoid by dodging and jumping. To inflict some environmental damage on him, you can lure him into the pool and electrify the water with an Electrocutor weapon. He won’t go into the pool unless you do, though. So, you’ll have to get in, then quickly get out and electrify the water before he can get out. There are also two gas heaters by the pool, and if you manage to make one explode while GOAT Pen Brock is next to it, he’ll take a lot of damage.

Once you have Brock’s Safe Key in Dead Island 2, you can unlock the safe in Brock’s bedroom. To get to Brock’s bedroom, and The Safe of Broseidon, go west from inside the mansion’s front door, and up some stairs. The safe is on the far side of the bed.