How to Get The Military Supplies Key in Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, shortly after the start of the Call the Cavalry quest, you leave Bel-Air for the first time. The next part of the game takes place in the Halperin Hotel district, although you don’t start off at the hotel itself. Instead, you’re at a military checkpoint where there’s a workbench and an armored truck. On the back of the truck is a lockbox called the Military Supplies Case, which can only be unlocked using the Military Supplies Key. As is often the case with lockbox keys in Dead Island 2, the Military Supplies Key is dropped by a unique Deadly Zombie. The Deadly Zombie with the Military Supplies Key is called the Drill Sergeant, and he spawns quite close to the Military Supplies Case, but not yet.

Where to Find The Military Supplies Key in Dead Island 2

The Drill Sergeant spawns on the long street leading away from the Military Supplies Case, but only after you’ve completed the Room Service for Major Booker story quest and started The Chosen One story quest. You’ll have to come back along this street on your way back to Bel-Air, so you can’t really miss him. You’ll be attacked by a wave of zombies here, and the Drill Sergeant is the Crusher of the group.

How to Beat The Drill Sergeant in Dead Island 2

The Drill Sergeant in Dead Island 2 is much like any other Crusher zombie, so you can beat him in the same way you beat Becki the Bride. However, there is one slow, but low-risk, way of beating him using the environment. Make sure there are no zombies close to you, then activate the generator on the back of the white truck. This will electrify the water gushing out of the pipe into the hole in the road. Now you can just circle that hole, luring the Drill Sergeant into the electrified water again and again. It doesn’t always zap him for some reason, but when it does it inflicts plenty of damage and makes him vulnerable to additional attacks.

Even if you die during this fight, the Drill Sergeant’s health won’t refill, so you’ll be able to wear him down eventually. Once he’s dead, take the Military Supplies Key from his corpse, and help yourself to the powerful weapon inside the Military Supplies Case.