Where to Find Coach’s Car And Keys in Dead Island 2

In the northwest part of Dead Island 2’s Bel-Air map, there is a Coach’s Car and Coach’s Car Keys. Both the car and the keys are in the area in front of Colt Swanson’s mansion, which is the one you passed through at the start of the game. You’ll pass through the grounds of Colt Swanson’s house again during the O Michael, Where Art Thou story quest. This quest takes you through the tennis court in Colt Swanson’s garden, so it’s much more likely that you’ll find the Coach’s Car Keys before you find the Coach’s Car. But just in case you’ve somehow managed to find the Coach’s Car first, this guide will also tell you how to get the Coach’s Car Keys as well.

Where to Find the Coach’s Car in Dead Island 2

The Coach’s Car is parked on the intersection between Access Road 781 and Access Road 782. It is very close to the intercom for Colt Swanson’s house. If you have found the Coach’s Car Key during O Michael, Where Art Thou, then don’t follow the quest objective marker out of the tennis court. Instead, go through the gate at the opposite end of the tennis court, and down the path that leads to the road. Turn left at the end of the path, then left again to find the Coach’s Car. The Coach’s Car Keys open the truck of the Coach’s Car, which contains a rare weapon. Look out for Shocking Walker zombies here, by the way. The Chem Bomb Curveball is very effective against them.

Where to Find the Coach’s Car Keys in Dead Island 2

Like most keys in Dead Island 2, the Coach’s Car Keys are in the possession of a unique zombie. This one is called Coach Ace, and she can be found munching on a corpse in one corner of the tennis court at Colt Swanson’s house. We encountered her during O Michael, Where Art Thou, and we’re not sure if she spawns before that, or even if you can get to the tennis court before that. Anyway, she’s pretty easy to kill, and drops the keys when you defeat her.