How to Cook in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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While Tears of the Kingdom is a sequel that opts to improve upon many aspects of the first game, cooking is one thing that doesn’t change too much. Barring the addition of one helpful component, the steps for how to cook in Tears of the Kingdom are familiar. If you’ve played Breat of the Wild, you may be please to know this new Zelda game doesn’t change everything. New players can also enjoy a simple set of steps to restore hearts and acquire buffs. Here’s how to Cook in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Cook

Technically, there are two methods for cooking in Tears of the Kingdom. The first will likely be the one players find first since you really only need a fire. Press the plus button on the Switch to bring up the menu, then move to the materials tab with your bumpers. Select the ingredient with A, and then select hold. Link can hold up to five items at a time. Once you’re finished selecting ingredients, you can press B to leave the menu. The A button will let Link toss the items onto the ground. A circle will appear, with an arrow in the center to aid in aiming them. Make sure they’ll fall over the fire, then let them sit a bit to cook. This will get you basic, roasted foods. For more complicated dishes, you’ll need an actual cooking pot, which you can find around the world.

A picture of Skyshroom recipe cards from Tears of the Kingdom for cooking, visible when selecting the ingredient
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Once you gather the items for the menu to add to the pot, you need only approach and then press the A button when the option shows “cook” instead of that white drop radius. If you make a meal this way it will restore more hearts, and can also add a variety of effects like speed boats, protection from cold, and more. Tears of the Kingdom also adds a recipe book that you can view after selecting an item in the menu, and then clicking “select for recipe”. The recipe shows all prior dishes that have been made that include the ingredient. This also shows the amount of hearts it restores and the full items needed. You can also press A to add the ingredients to the links stockpile immediately if you’ve got them all in your inventory!

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