How to get more Hearts in Tears of the Kingdom

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Typically, there are familiar things from game-to-game in the Zelda franchise. You’ll play as link, you’ll get a sword, and you’ll have some overall goal for defeating whatever evil force plagues the world this time. In Tears of the Kingdom, upgrading Link works similarly to how it did in Breath of the Wild. Return players will recognize the method for gaining more hearts from the last Zelda game on the Switch. While you could run around with three hearts forever, more health makes fighting easier! Read on to find out how to get more hearts for your playthrough.

How to Upgrade Your Hearts

First, players will have to follow the whims of a new NPC, who I won’t spoil here. Their instructions are important to follow, and will help familiarize people with the overworld. After exploring three shrines and attaining new power, Link will have to make his way back to the Temple of Time. There, he’ll gain a fourth ability: recall. Recall is essential for progressing within the temple. After using it to jump on platforms, Link will see a Goddess Statue and a new door. In the prior game, Goddess Statues were used to get more hearts, and it’s the same in Tears of the Kingdom.

A platform in the Temple of Time while using the recall power, leading to the statue Link will use to get more hearts

At first, this statue will be silent. Approach the door, and watch Link’s health drain until it becomes clear he needs more vitality. There’s a fourth shrine to complete as well. If you need help with it, check out our guide. Once you secure the fourth orb, return to the Temple of Time, and approach the now-illuminated Goddess Statue. Press the A button to be met with your only option: increasing Link’s health. It takes four Light of Blessings to do this, so be sure to save up! Later, you’ll also get the option to increase Link’s stamina as well, adding a sliver to the overall green wheel used when exerting himself.

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