How to Get the Paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom

screenshot by insider gaming

Yet another returning item in Tears of the Kingdom is the paraglider. We see this in the official gameplay trailer as well. That’s right, in a game all about traversing the skies, you’ll be able to glide gently down just like you did in Breath of the Wild. It does take a little bit longer to get access to the item than it did in the first game, however, but not by a lot. Read on to find out what you’ve got to do to get the glider!

How to Get the Paraglider

To get the glider as quickly as possible, players will want to follow the main quest. After trying to fine princess Zelda and obtaining all four Light of Blessings from the shrines, the next leg of Link’s journey will begin. You’ll need to start the Crisis at Hyrule Castle quest before you’re on the right path to get the paraglider.

screenshot of Link with two NPC's in Tears of the Kingdom on the way to get the paraglider
Screenshot by Insider Gaming.

Going to the new area, Lookout Landing, grants us some familiar NPC’s, as well as some new ones. It’s essential to find Captain Hoz as quickly as you can, since he’s sort of in charge of the guards around here. Most NPC’s you speak with will point you in his direction, and after you speak with him you’ll witness some wild things. Then, you’ll have to go back to talk to Purah.

In what feels a bit like Hylian experimentation, Purah will inform you if something important. There are Skyview towers that are used for surveying the area and filling out the map- sound familiar?- that also allow Link to teleport. She says in order to use the tower though, he’ll need the paraglider, which she quickly hands over. In the air, you can press the X button to have Link take the glider out. This allows him to float much more gently down to the ground, and also make some aerial progress when he opts to jump off of high cliffs or towers. Purah will also update your map with further important locations, making this stop and quest a tremendously high priority on your Tears of the Kingdom journey.

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