How to get Cold Resistant Gear in Tears of the Kingdom

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Cold resistant gear is essential on Great Sky Island (or the tutorial region), but also for adventuring elsewhere in Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom. Luckily, Link can find a single piece of gear before he ever leaves the first area, making traversing through to his shrines much easier. One requires you to march around in the snow, after all, and having a single bar of cold resistance is sufficient until you leave Great Sky Island.

Where to get The First Piece of Cold Resistant Gear

If you’ve explored at least the first three shrines on Great Sky Island, you may have found your first piece of cold resistant gear already. If not, head to Gutanbac Shrine. Immediately outside of the shrine, there will be a wooden overhang to the right. Look up, and note the giant tree stump with a cave-like hole in the center. Use the ascend power to get up the overhang, and head to the chest inside of the tree. Here, you’ll find the earliest piece of cold resistant gear: the Archaic Warm Greaves. These pants give a single bar of cold resistance, and will be enough to get through at least this first region.

Screenshot of Link in Tears of the Kingdom outside of Gutanbac Shrine, about to obtain a piece of cold resistant gear to the right above a wooden overhang.
Screenshot by Insider Gaming.

Once Link adventures beyond the island though, then it’ll become clear one bar of cold resistance isn’t enough. After completing Purah’s requests, she’ll send Link on a journey to multiple areas chasing major phenomena to solve. One of these regions is the Hebra, home of the Rito and more, and you’ll need more than a single bar of cold resistance in order to traverse safely. While Link could simply cook cold resistant food using spicy peppers (found in the starting cold area as well), or other ingredients, the Snowquill set can also be purchased in Rito village, maxing out his cold resistance. Wearing all pieces will also make him unfreezable.

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