How to Recover a Combat Cache in Fortnite

Combat Caches were first introduced in Fortnite at the start of Chapter 4 Season 2. But it wasn’t until week 3 that the game specifically encouraged you to recover a Combat Cache in a weekly season quest. Even without the incentive of thousands of XP for completing the quest, Combat Caches are well worth recovering whenever you can, especially if one spawns close to you.

Where to find a Combat Cache in Fortnite

Combat Caches do not appear in any fixed locations on the Fortnite map. In fact, at the start of each match, there will be no Combat Caches anywhere on the map. However, after a match has been running for about 8 minutes, the third new Storm Circle will appear. A few seconds after the third Storm Circle appears, you might hear a “boom” sound, and a marker will appear. That marker has an image of a Combat Cache on it, and is telling you where to find the Combat Cache. The location of the Combat Cache will also be indicated by a vertical beam of light stretching up to the heavens.

The colour of that beam of light indicates the rarity of the loot inside the Combat Cache. It’ll always be golden at first, indicating Legendary loot. But over time the colour will change and the loot inside will get less rare. This is why it’s important to get to a Combat Cache as soon as possible after it appears. Get a vehicle if you can. Otherwise sprint, using Slap Juice to keep your stamina up, if you’ve got some.

When you reach the Combat Cache, go right up to it and press the interact button to recover it. It won’t open immediately, though. You’ll have to wait 50 seconds for it to open, so stay close and keep an eye on the surrounding area for opponents coming to steal your loot. After the timer runs out, the Combat Cache will open, spilling out some awesome loot.

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