How do You Get Gold Chicken Eggs in Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake?

Chapter 4 of the Resident Evil 4 (RE4) remake begins in the Boat House on the southern shore of the Lake. At this point your objective is to find the Church Key, so you set off through the forest and canyons on the Lake shore. You’ll soon come across a shrine in a cave, and a map showing the locations of more caves and shrines of interest. You’ll also come to a little jetty with a motorboat moored to it, but there’s a Blue Request Note on one of the posts at the near end of the jetty. The Request is called Egg Hunt, and this time the Merchant wants you to sell him a rare gold chicken egg. He declines to say what he’ll do with it. You’ll have found white and brown chick eggs up to this point in the RE4 remake, but never a gold chicken egg. Fortunately, there’s a specific location where a golden chicken egg can be found in the RE4 remake, and it’s not too far from where you find the Egg Hunt Blue Request Note.

Where to Find a Gold Chicken Egg in Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake

Get in the motorboat and set off, but instead of going left down the river towards the caves and shrines, turn right and head out across the Lake. Go northeast all the way across the Lake and dock at the little jetty at a small area on the east shore of the Lake. There’s nothing here except chickens, cages, and eggs. So, if you’re hungry (or low on health) stock up on eggs, especially if you’re low on herbs. The gold chicken egg is on the ground behind the bush in the middle of this area. You can’t miss it as it’s shining in the light of a lantern that has fallen to the ground. Now all you have to do to complete the Egg Hunt request in the Resident Evil 4 remake is sell the gold chicken egg to the Merchant next time you see him, and he’ll give you 3 spinels in return.