What do Yellow Herbs do in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

There are three herb colours in the Resident Evil 4 (RE4) remake. The most common are green herbs, then red herbs are less common, and yellow herbs are the most rare by far. Green herbs can be used on their own to restore a small amount of health. But neither red nor yellow herbs can be used on their own. Instead, they have to be mixed with other herbs, and you can then use these Resident Evil 4 herb combinations to heal, and to increase your maximum health.

What Effect do Yellow Herbs Have in the Resident Evil 4 Remake?

While green and red herbs simply add health restoration to your herbal recipes, adding a yellow herb to a mix will mean that using the mixture permanently increases your maximum health. It only increases it by a little bit at a time, but if you find and use all of the yellow herbs in the game, you’ll be able to double your maximum health, which will make Resident Evil 4 much easier to survive.

How to Use a Yellow Herb

The first yellow herb you find in the Resident Evil 4 remake will probably be the one inside the windmill on the northeast side of the Farm. It’s in a pot just behind the ladder that leads up to the upper floor. Check your inventory, and you can see what it does, but you can’t use it here. So, tap R1/RB to move to the Crafting tab, then tap left on the D-pad to filter out everything but Herbs recipes. If you’ve got some green and/or red herbs, you’ll be able to mix them with the yellow herb here. The best Herbs recipe is Mixed Herb (G+R+Y), which requires one herb of each colour. It restores lots of health, and increases your maximum health. Once you’ve crafted the mix, you can find and use it on your inventory tab.