All Resident Evil 4 Remake Blue Medallions Locations in The Farm

In the Resident Evil 4 (RE4) remake, blue medallions are collectibles that are hidden in various locations in the game. Collecting all of the blue medallions in a particular location will earn you some Spinel, which is a rare premium material used as a currency that you can spend on powerful items at the Merchant. The first location in the game where blue medallions can be found is the Farm, which is the third named location after the Hunter’s Lodge and the Village Square. You’ll visit the Farm during Chapter 1, and there are five blue medallions to collect and destroy there. Be careful though, as to destroy the blue medallions you need to shoot them, and this will probably alert nearby enemies.

Where to Find All Blue Medallions in The Farm in The Resident Evil 4 Remake

When you first reach the Farm on the path that leads there from the Village Square, you’ll find a small building with a typewriter inside. The first blue medallion is hanging on the outside rear wall of that small building.

From the first blue medallion, head northwest and vault over the fence. Now turn to the right and look inside the barn. You should be able to see the next blue medallion hanging on a pillar inside, and can shoot it from here.

Continue northwest between the pigs and go into the small open shed. Look up and you’ll see the next blue medallion near the roof of this shed.

Head northeast out of the pig pen, then turn right. From here you should be able to see into the upper floor of the Farm’s largest building, where there is a blue medallion that you can shoot from here.

Now head east to the left of the largest building. Here you’ll find a Wayshrine, and the fifth and final blue medallion is hanging behind that Wayshrine.