How to Beat The Del Lago Lake Monster in Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake

Chapter 3 of the Resident Evil 4 (RE4) remake climaxes with a boss battle on the surface of the Lake. If you looked through your binoculars shortly after the Merchant’s shop with the Shooting Range, then you will have seen two ganados in a small boat dumping a headless corpse into the lake. Almost as soon as they depart, a huge monster leaps out of the lake and swallows the corpse whole. Well, it’s just your luck that you’ll have to defeat that lake monster, the Del Lago, a little while later in Resident Evil 4’s fish boss fight.

How to Defeat Del Lago in the Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake

You can actually get eaten by the lake monster before this boss fight if you shoot the lake water. But the Resident Evil 4 fish boss fight doesn’t start until after you’ve retrieved the boat fuel from the Fish Farm and got in the boat. Perhaps inevitably, the boat stalls when you’re bang in the middle of the lake, and the Del Lago takes the opportunity to strike. But instead of swallowing you whole, it takes a hold of the boat’s painter rope and starts dragging you all over the lake. Fortunately, the boat is equipped with an infinite ammo supply of harpoons, so you have a way to fight back.

The most important thing in the Resident Evil 4 remake Del Lago lake monster boss fight is to avoid damaging your boat. So, pay attention to any obstacles sticking out of the surface of the lake, and steer to avoid them. In fact, it’s good idea to keep steering left and right at all times during this boss fight, because this increases your chance of avoiding the lake monster’s attacks, which do more damage than hitting obstacles. The most damaging attack is the one where it charges at you with its mouth open. You can’t dodge this attack, but you can cancel it by hitting the Del Lago in the mouth with a harpoon. This is also the way to do the most damage to the lake monster, so make sure you get it right every time.

As already mentioned, you’ll do the most damage to the Del Lago by hitting it in the mouth when it charges at you, but you can also do damage by hitting it whenever it’s above the surface of the lake. Keep throwing harpoons at it whenever you can. Just remember to pay attention to obstacles, and to the lake monster’s attacks. For us, it took about a dozen hits to the body and two to the mouth to kill the Resident Evil 4 remake Del Lago lake monster.