All Fish Farm and Quarry Blue Medallions in Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake

The Merchant in the Resident Evil 4 (RE4) remake absolutely cannot stand the blue medallions that the local religious fanatics keep leaving hanging in the mysterious European region in which the game takes place. He’s left various Blue Request Notes asking for someone, anyone, to destroy the blue medallions. And that someone is basically you, Leon Kennedy. The first ‘Destroy the Blue Medallions’ request takes place in the Farm, then you won’t find another one until you reach the Quarry in Chapter 3. There you’ll find ‘Destroy the Blue Medallions 2’, which takes place in both the Quarry and the Fish Farm.

Where to Find RE4 Remake Blue Medallions in The Fish Farm and Quarry

The first blue medallion is hanging on a scaffolding above the northern Quarry entrance. A scope will help you to spot it, but you can hit it with a non-scoped pistol.

The second blue medallion is hanging under the dock between the Quarry and the Fish Farm. Go to where the boat is docked and turn southwest to see the blue medallion.

In the Resident Evil 4 (RE4) remake, there are three blue medallions in the Fish Farm. The third blue medallion is inside the small shack next to the little windmill.

The fourth blue medallion is under the walkway that runs east-west along the northern edge of the Fish Farm. Get onto that walkway and head west, then drop off it on the south side. Now, go under the walkway and turn right to find the blue medallion.

The fifth and final blue medallion is on the south side of the Fish Farm, hanging between the ramp and the high wooden wall.

Once you’ve destroyed all five blue medallions in the Fish Farm and Quarry, claim your reward of 4 spinels next time you visit the Merchant. He’ll be very grateful, as he really hates blue medallions.