How to Get S Rank on Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake Shooting Range 1-C

The Resident Evil 4 remake (RE4R) Shooting Range is a set of shooting skill games that you can try out at some of the Merchant’s shops. The first Shooting Range is at the bottom of the elevator to the right of the Merchant’s Shop shortly after the Quarry during Chapter 3. This Shooting Range has three games named 1-A, 1-B, and 1-C. Shooting Range 1-C is by far the hardest, as the pirate targets move fast, there are lots of sailors, and you get two weapons: the SG-09 R handgun  and the SR M1903 rifle. Knowing exactly when to switch weapons is key to getting an S Rank on this challenge. Get an S Rank and you’ll get a Gold Token and improve your chances of getting rare RE4 Charms.

Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake Shooting Range 1-C Guide

To get an S Rank on Resident Evil (RE4) Shooting Range 1-C, you have to score at least 8,000 points. To do this, you’ll have to hit every one of the 23 pirates so that you trigger BONUS TIME, where you can earn extra points by hitting bonus targets. You can even get away with hitting a sailor, so long as you hit most of the targets during BONUS TIME.

Stand at the centre of the Shooting Range and, during the countdown, aim at the rigging on the left side of the ship. This should line you up to hit the first pirate’s head when he appears. Next, aim between the sailors and wait for the two moving pirates to move into your sights, then shoot them. Shoot the three stationary pirates, and don’t rush it – make sure the sailors are at a safe distance. Now, carefully aim with the pistol to get the pirate captain in the head, and the pirate on the left in the belly. For the next section of RE4 Shooting Range 1-C, we found it better to stick with the pistol (there’s time to reload) than to use the rifle to get double kills on the left and middle pairs of targets.

At RELOAD TIME, reload the pistol, then switch to the rifle. Make sure you’re standing in the centre of the Shooting Range, then aim down sights and zoom. Wait for the two pirates to cross over then fire to get a double kill, then turn (don’t sidestep) a little to the right and get the barrel pirate as his head pops up. Keep your aim at head height and double-kill the next two pirates.

Immediately switch back to the pistol and time your shots carefully to hit the five remaining pirates without hitting any of the sailors. If you get all 23 pirates, then BONUS TIME will start, and you’ll have about 45 seconds to get another 2,000 points or so. There are no sailors during BONUS TIME, so you can fire pretty wildly at the treasure chests and parrots. Get 8,000 points on Resident Evil 4 (RE4) remake Shooting Range 1-C and you’ll get an S Rank and a Gold Token.