How To Unlock MrBeast In Fortnite

Unlock MrBeast Fortnite

A new skin to unlock is coming to Fortnite and it’s none other than the man with the most subscribers for an individual account on YouTube, MrBeast.

Epic Games made the official announcement on its website Monday morning, stating that MrBeast is joining the Fortnite Icon Series. The new skins — MrBeast and MrBeast6000 — will be available to unlock starting December 14 in the Fortnite Item Shop. Officially, the skins will be available starting at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST on the 14th.

Each MrBeast Fornite bundle includes:

  • MrBeast Outfit
    • MrBeast Outfit with hat-on default Style and a hatless alt Style
    • MrBeast Smasher Pickaxe
    • Beast Backdrop Wrap
  • MrBeast6000 Outfit
    • MrBeast6000 Outfit with masked default Style and a maskless alt Style
    • Prize Package Back Bling (included with MrBeastOutfit)
      • “Reactive — Becomes more filled with cash over time during a match, ‘til it reaches max fullness!”
    • Beast Claw Pickaxe
    • Wrapped and Revved Glider

While there is no set price as of writing, one could expect the full MrBeast bundle to cost at least 2,000 V-Bucks, if not more. The individual items from each bundle will also be able to be purchased separately if that’s what you prefer. There’s also a new “Beast Blastin'” Emote coming to the game where you can shoot cash from money blasters.

In addition to the in-game skin, players will be able to compete in the “MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge” on December 17 from 12 pm to 3 pm EST. The player with the highest score — earned by avoiding hazards, collecting coins, and surviving “extreme challenges” — at the end of the challenge will win one million dollars. The map will officially go live on December 13 to give players time to explore and practice before the challenge begins.

Are you excited about the ability to unlock and play as MrBeast in Fortnite?

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