Hogwarts Legacy DLC: Developers Say There Is Nothing Planned

hogwarts legacy dlc

During an interview that took place in the middle of the first day of IGN’s Fan Fest event, Avalanche Software developers revealed that there are no plans for Hogwarts Legacy DLC.

Calm down! To be specific, the developers stated that there are no current plans for DLC, but that doesn’t mean that down the line, DLC won’t be introduced in some way, shape, or form. For the most part, fans of the epic, wizarding adventure are expecting the arrival of a Quidditch DLC – everything is there to support it, and it has even been referenced in the game.

No Hogwarts Legacy DLC For Now

It was revealed during the IGN Fan Fest that, no, there are no plans for Hogwarts DLC at the moment, and while no future intentions were made clear, there’s always the potential for an expansion or two to surface later on.

To be honest, there’s an enormous amount of content that could be added to Hogwarts Legacy in the form of DLC, most of which simply writes itself:

  • Quidditch
  • Wizard’s Chess
  • O.W.L.s
  • More spells (Patronus, anyone?)
  • Ministry-related content, or something tied to another entity, like Azkaban
  • House Cup
  • Triwizard tournament
  • Cooperative

At present, the biggest rumours circulating suggest that a sequel may be in the works, but it’ll be based around a wizarding school that has only ever been mentioned in the lore, such as North America’s Ilvermorny.

It can be argued that there’s already more content in Hogwarts Legacy than the average player can handle. From a massive, open map to stacks of side content and collectables, there’s enough fat in Hogwarts Legacy for even the most dedicated player to chew on for dozens of hours. It’s never enough for some, though – and that’s where DLC comes in.

It may be left up to the modders to create content for Hogwarts Legacy. In recent weeks, mods have been surfacing online, ranging from the bizarre mods that turn your wand into a pistol, to the ambitious mods that introduce multiplayer elements to the game.

Whatever happens in the future, Hogwarts Legacy remains a record-breaking title and the biggest Harry Potter launch of all time. It smashed numbers across the board, from viewership and sales to concurrent player counts and overall delivery on expectations.

And it’s yet to release on an entire generation of consoles.

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