Hogwarts Legacy is The Biggest Harry Potter Launch of All Time

In a new report, Gamesindustry.biz has revealed that Hogwarts Legacy is the biggest Harry Potter game ever – and by an astronomical margin.

The report reveals that Hogwarts Legacy has sold 64% more copies than Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone from 2001. The report, which takes its data from GfK data combines the data of UK retailers. What’s particularly more impressive though, is that the report only details the physical sales for Hogwarts Legacy, which implies the digital sales could put Hogwarts Legacy over double the launch sales of the Philosopher’s Stone.

The report also outlines that compared to Elden Ring, which was the biggest fantasy release of 2022, first-week sales of Hogwarts Legacy were up 80%.

As outlined by industry analyst Benji-Sales on Twitter, Hogwarts Legacy also did very well on Steam (although its sales figures are not reported).

During its launch week, Hogwarts Legacy peaked at 879,308 concurrent players on Steam, making it the 8th highest peaked game on Steam. In addition, the game is the 5th biggest paid game, the 3rd biggest primarily single-player game, and the 2nd biggest game for a single-player only game (behind Cyberpunk 2077).

Earlier in the week, Hogwarts Legacy also broke Twitch’s record for being the most-watched single-player game with 1.3 million concurrent viewers.

Warner Bros. Discovery has confirmed that its next quarterly earnings report will be published on Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 at 1.30pm PT / 4.30pm ET / 9.30pm BST / 10.30pm CEST, so we’ll undoubtedly be getting official earnings on what Hogwarts Legacy has already achieved then.

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