Footage From Cancelled Dead Rising 5 Project Emerges Online

dia de los muertos

Hours ago, footage began emerging online depicting Dead Rising 5 – a project otherwise known as Dead Rising: Dia de Los Muertos. In a series of videos taken from the portfolio of a developer with more than two decades in the business, we see level designs, early-build products, and mechanics of the now-scrapped product, reportedly created in 2017, a year after Dead Rising 4 was released.

In Dia de Los Muertos, it seems that Chuck Greene was set to return from Dead Rising 2, fighting through urban and jungle environments somewhere in Mexico. It isn’t shown in the content, but reportedly, Dia de Los Muertos would have featured two playable characters and boasted Souls-like elements.

Is Dead Rising Dead?

In 2016, Dead Rising 4 was released, and according to information shared on the DidYouKnowGaming podcast a while ago, Dead Rising 5 was in development long before it launched, penned to release a couple of years later.

Since then, the Dead Rising franchise has all but vanished into the shadows, and at present, there seems to be no sign of a follow-up title emerging anytime soon. Now, we know that Dead Rising 5 was well into its development cycle before being canned, and thanks to a Dead Rising community personality on Twitter, STiP0, we now have a wide array of content that showcases that ill-fated game.

Here’s one of the longest clips, taken from the developer’s portfolio, which has likely been online for years without anybody knowing.

It seems that Dead Rising 5 sought to change up the formula that had existed for several years, scrapping the ground loot system in favour of a container-based system. There were locations that served as bases, outposts, or ‘Camps’ that featured dense concentrations of enemies and tough bosses.

There were key locations also confirmed through the portfolio, including a ‘Barrio’, a hotel, a sprawling jungle, a Mayan temple, and safehouses – and several of these ‘Camps’. There may have even been upgraded movement mechanics, with one clip referencing a ‘Traversal Gym’.

Outside of Dead Rising 5, this developer was also responsible for working on a wide range of projects dating back to 2000 with Thief 2. Since then, he worked on Splinter Cell, Turok, Max Payne, and most recently, Gears 5. It’s all showcased in his portfolio.

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