EA Sports Answers Frequent PGA Tour Questions

EA Sports PGA Tour Questions

EA Sports PGA Tour releases on March 24, and there are a lot of questions fans have been asking. On Friday, EA Sports posted a FAQ page on the game’s website to answer a number of these questions.

From console reasonings to frame raters to courses, there’s plenty to touch on. Below you’ll find some of the bigger EA Sports PGA Tour questions and answers. Check out the game’s site to see the full FAQ.

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EA Sports PGA Tour Questions and Answers

Why is this game only available on current gen (PS5, Xbox X|S, and PC) gaming systems?

“EA SPORTS PGA TOUR’s high-fidelity visuals and gameplay are only possible with  PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S consoles as well as some PCs, so the game was developed with this in mind.”

What is the FPS for EA SPORTS PGA TOUR?

“On PC, EA SPORTS PGA TOUR can run at 30 fps, 60 fps, or unlocked framerate. Consoles (Xbox X|S and PS 5) will run 30 fps. 

We understand that some players have a strong visual preference for higher framerate in their video games and we’ve heard community feedback surrounding the fps of the game on console. As a result, we’re examining the ability to add it into the game in the future.”

What is the current live service timeline?

“The 2023 major courses including Oak Hill, Los Angeles Country Club, Royal Liverpool as well as Olympia Fields as a part of the FedExCup series and Marco Simone for the Ryder Cup will be released prior to each major championship.

We will also be releasing updates alongside golf’s biggest moments like The Majors, FedExCup and Ryder Cup with compelling new content tied to current and historic golf moments for players to enjoy. 

The game will launch with Road to the Masters and will include a variety of Masters-themed Challenges.  We’ll share more details about the live service timeline after launch.

Is there weather available in-game?

“There are a variety of factors that impact gameplay on the course including altitude and wind. Courses in traditionally cloudy areas like The Old Course at St. Andrews will appear cloudy while sunny courses like The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island will appear bright. Other weather conditions will not affect gameplay or appear in-game.”

Will there be a 3-click swing option in-game?

“We know that the 3-click swing is important to the community and as a result of early community feedback we are planning to include this swing in an early title update after launch.”

What impacts your shot?

“There’s a reason players and caddies talk before their shot to best achieve success on the course so you’ll experience this in the pre-shot decisions you’ll have to make for a great shot. The challenge of your shot appears in a split between pre-shot decisions like club and shot types, with swing execution and placement based on course dynamics. This way you’ll be thinking more “golf” and less “golf swing” only.

A variety of factors like club and shot type all impact your shot but most of all, course dynamics and ball behavior like wind, altitude, terrain reactions, ball dribbling, and more will impact your shot. The full list of aspects that impact your shot are listed below:

  • Club
  • Shot type
  • Shot shape
  • Slope of the terrain
  • Velocity & spin reduction from adverse terrain (like rough)
  • Golfer, club, and ball attributes
  • Power boost
  • Swing execution
  • Wind
  • In-flight Spin Control
  • Altitude
  • Ball Reactions depending on terrain type and course Conditions
  • Ball dribbling

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