Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Mod Already in Testing

hogwarts legacy multiplayer

Hours ago, The Together Team, the driving force behind the Skyrim Together mod, revealed a test build of a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod that’s already looking impressive. This news comes not even a week after the game was released, bringing the prospect of online multiplayer to those enjoying Hogwarts Legacy on PC.

It’s a rough build at the moment, and an early video showcasing the Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod, which is named HogWarp, showed very little. However, The Together Team has been working on the Skyrim Together project for several months, and at present, they’ve built something that can support more than twenty-five players online at the same time in Skyrim.

It’s Early But It’s Impressive

In the gameplay snapshot, released to YouTube, we see two players running around Hogwarts side-by-side, but there’s little more than that on offer:

This isn’t the first mod to be created for Hogwarts Legacy, but it’s already shaping up to be the most impressive, even if there’s a lot of work to be done to make it even somewhat intuitive. For instance, you’ll notice that, despite being in the same instance, the players in the clip provided are separated by time – one is playing in the daytime, while the other is exploring Hogwarts at night.

There’s a Patreon project driving the development of HogWarp, and for a membership that costs £46 a month, those most eager to experience a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod can get access to private HogWarp servers. There are promises of ‘early access to HogWarp’ for lower-tier subscribers, but there’s no information at present to determine when it’ll be available.

It’s worth stressing that this is an extremely early build for the HogWarp mod, and it may take years before it’s fully cohesive and offers up a true-to-life cooperative experience. It may never materialise, in fact – it’s a very real possibility.

But within one week of launch? That’s impressive.

At present, Hogwarts Legacy continues to soar, breaking Twitch viewership records and player numbers on Steam, and it shows very little sign of slowing down anytime soon. It was recently revealed to be the biggest Harry Potter launch in gaming history by a staggering distance.

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