Alleged GTA 6 Gameplay Footage Has Leaked Online… Or Has It?

Alleged GTA 6 gameplay footage has been leaked online before the game’s official reveal on December 5, 2023.

The footage was originally uploaded by TikTok user @azzarossi, who has since made his account private. The footage in question has been making the rounds on Twitter (X), which apparently shows off the scale of the new GTA 6 map.

You can see the footage below:

Insider Gaming is currently unable to verify that the footage is legitimate, but comparisons online have shown that the city matches that of the leaked footage from last year. It is possible that the user could have made a fake based on these leaks, however, the user had also uploaded a picture of himself and who appears to be Aaron Garbut as proof of their claims.

Insider Gaming ran the image through various reverse image search engines, which determined the image was original to the internet (but doesn’t mean it’s fake via AI etc.).

It should be worth noting that although there have been claims online about Rockstar Games DMCA’ing the footage, Insider Gaming has not been able to verify any DMCA claim.

In fact, due to the original user privatizing his account, rather than it being deleted or removed, it could suggest that this is an elaborate fake.

We’ll update as we hear more…

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