Games Releasing Day One on PlayStation 5 Pro (PS5 Pro)

The PlayStation 5 Pro is tentatively set to be released during 2024’s holiday season, and we recently covered the full PS5 Pro specs that were leaked – and corroborated by Insider Gaming’s trusted sources.

It’s going to be a monumental upgrade from the PlayStation 5, boasting next-generation technology and the power to render games 45% faster than the original console, but what about the games themselves? What are the games releasing day one on PlayStation 5 Pro when it launches?

PS5 Pro Launch Games

At present, the release date for this powerhouse of a console is tentative – so that means it’s not confirmed or set in stone. It’s subject to be pushed back at any point, and there are claims that it will be if Sony doesn’t rustle up more first-party, exclusive titles. They’ll want to release the PlayStation 5 Pro with games that push the console to its limits, really pulling out every piece of power possible from under the hood.

In a dream world, the PlayStation 5 Pro would be released alongside Grand Theft Auto 6 – now that would sell units for sure.

Our recent article confirming the leaked PS5 Pro specifications broke down the technology inside the next iteration of PlayStation consoles, but it didn’t touch on the games for PS5 Pro – and for good reason. Presently, they’re just not known. It’s impossible to say what’ll be made available on PS5 Pro when it’s inevitably and eventually released by Sony.

But watch this space – because as soon as we know, you’ll know.

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  1. I don’t expect any special versions for PS5 Pro. New console have 16 GB of memory like original PS5. You can’t add any additional effects or better resolution.

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