Fortnite x Star Wars Crossover Announced For May 3rd

In a new tweet, the official Star Wars account released a new trailer for a new crossover event with Fortnite. The trailer also confirms the event will release on May 3rd. This means it will arrive just in time to coincide with the unofficial Star Wars Day.

The trailer teases content for LEGO Fortnite, Fortnite Festival, and naturally Battle Royale. However, it was very brief and did not confirm exactly what content fans can expect.

Fortunately, reliable leaker @HYPEX did mention some of the potential content via Twitter. They claim that the Fortnite x Star Wars crossover could feature the return of both lightsabers and force abilities. They also mention a new mythic item, the “Wookie Bowcaster,” and an unconfirmed Chewbacca skin.

Although the developers did not confirm some of @HYPEX’s claims, lightsabers and force powers are pretty obligatory. Further, @HYPEX has been correct about Fortnite leaks for a long time. That includes a recent leak for the Avatar Elements collaboration, showcasing a variety of key images.

Fortnite’s upcoming Star Wars event could also be partly related to last month’s leak, which suggested a Mandalorian collaboration is coming.

The leak was revealed courtesy of @SamLeakss, another reliable source. They claimed that “a brand new Mandalorian Vehicle” is on the way, which will also extend to Rocket League.

However, Fortnite’s crossover looks much broader than that. The Fortnite Festival announcement is a welcome surprise, and certainly has lots of potential for legendary music with the Star Wars franchise. The official Fortnite Festival feed did tease the Cantina Band on Twitter.

Currently, Fortnite is hosting a new collaboration with Coachella 2024 through April. And just last week, Skybound Entertainment announced that an Invincible universe is coming to Fortnite, too.

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