Fortnite & Rocket League Getting New Mandalorian Crossover, It’s Claimed

In a new post on Twitter today, reliable leaker @SamLeakss claimed that a brand new Mandalorian vehicle is coming to both Fortnite and Rocket League.

The Rocket League collaboration will also potentially “feature another small event”, as well as “a shop bundle with decals”.

So, Rocket League’s content will likely resemble Mandalorian Mayhem from last February. That collaboration introduced the G-Force Frenzy limited-time mode, themed challenges, and other Mandalorian content.

SamLeakss could not confirm any details about the vehicle itself, or when the crossover will roll out.

However, fans are already speculating that a Mandalorian collaboration would be ideal for Star Wars Day on May the 4th. That would also provide enough of a gap between the latest Mandalorian crossover and any new content.

Presumably, the “brand new vehicle” will still be similar enough to other Rocket League vehicles to fit the mold. Rocket League fans did get to invest in a Fennec Car Body.

It’s unclear if the decals will also be new, since Mandalorian Mayhem added quite a few packs.

For reference, some previous content included the Armorer Pack, and Bo-Katan Pack. There was also a Mandalorian Mega Bundle that ran for 2000 credits. Any new decal bundles might include content that fans missed out on last month.

SamLeakss most recently leaked that an Avatar The Last Airbender crossover was on the way for Rocket League. The new live-action adaptation from Netflix likely influenced these collaboration plans.

However, Fortnite fans are surely pleased that the Mandalorian crossover won’t be limited to Rocket League next time around. Fortnite recently rolled out the Myths and Mortals update, though it did have some hiccups at launch.

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  1. We don’t need this. Bro where is Playboi Carti or Yeat? Give us Metro Boomin as an event. Fortnite been down bad lately. Vultures 1 as an event would have been fire.

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