Monster Hunter Wilds Possibly Coming Q1 2025, It’s Claimed

Monster Hunter Wilds Desert

According to new rumors from known leaker Dusk Golem, Monster Hunter Wilds could release as soon as Q1 2025.

A fan on reddit noticed messages from Dusk Golem’s Discord server featuring a variety of details about Monster Hunter Wilds. The leaker claims that Monster Hunter Wilds will be “the biggest game [Capcom] ever attempted”.

Dusk Golem adds that Capcom is relying on Monster Hunter Wilds as a tentpole game for the entire fiscal year. Further, they say that development on the new game is still on track. So, its release date likely won’t be delayed.

Capcom has not officially confirmed any of these details. But the devs are planning on another official update sometime this summer.

UPDATE – Writing as @AestheticGamer1 on Twitter, Dusk Golem denied rumors about Monster Hunter Wilds’ Q1 2025 release.

Dusk Golem has leaked details about other Capcom games before. They most recently claimed that Resident Evil 9 could go open world.

In that same post, Dusk Golem also hinted that Monster Hunter Wilds would build on the same RE engine. Today, they reinforce that Monster Hunter Wilds should be fully open world. However, it will also be “far more” experimental than Monster Hunter World or Monster Hunter Rise.

The leaker previously said that Resident Evil 9 could have the biggest budget of the series. So, they might also know about similar budgetary information for Monster Hunter.

There were also some smaller details about the game in the Discord messages. One appears to reference the return of Zorah Magdaros, as well as “scrapped ideas” from Monster Hunter World.

Although some fans might not welcome even more Zorah Magdaros, Monster Hunter World was a massive success. Just this month, Monster Hunter World reached 25 million units sold.

Any unused ideas from the game would likely benefit Monster Hunter Wilds, and possibly balance out the experimentation.

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