Resident Evil 9 Has ‘Biggest Budget of The Series’, It’s Claimed

resident evil 9

It has been claimed by a prominent Resident Evil insider that Resident Evil 9, which has reportedly been in development since 2018, boasts the biggest budget in franchise history. It’s supposedly a monumental title that will bring to a close the arc that has run since 2017’s Resident Evil 7 was released, which brought about a complete revision to the well-established Resident Evil formula.

Biggest Means Best?

In a few messages shared on Discord, Dusk Golem (the insider) revealed that Resident Evil 9 is costing Capcom a pretty penny, but that’s because it’s the most sizeable game in the series ever. Despite being in development since 2018, it’s reportedly not going to be released until 2025, so there’s still a little while to wait.

Further to that, Dusk Golem stressed that the game won’t be a ‘direct sequel’ to Resident Evil Village (8), but an all-new game that will still bring to an end the current split, ushering in a new generation of Resident Evil. In recent leaks, it was suggested that Resident Evil 9 will take place in ‘a ghost town in the west’, and like Village, it’ll feature mythical creatures.

Are you ready for the first-person-based arc of Resident Evil games to end?

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