Fortnite Leak Reveals Thor: Ragnarok Skins

Fortnite iOS

In a new post on Twitter, reliable leaker @HYPEX teased that Thor: Ragnarok skins featuring Hulk and Hela could be coming to Fortnite.

Hulk will get the iconic gladiator outfit, in addition to some back bling weaponry. Meanwhile, Hela will also have their signature outfit from Thor: Ragnarok, including her sword.

Epic Games has not officially confirmed any details about these skins. But HYPEX has been a consistently accurate leaker, and most recently showed off a Fortnite leak for the Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover.

Unfortunately, HYPEX didn’t have a release window for the Hulk and Hela skins just yet. But they should be coming relatively soon, if the data is already accessible.

Thor: Ragnarok is a very specific part of the MCU, and related skins would be a surprisingly late arrival in Fortnite. After all, the movie came out several years ago in 2017.

This could potentially be related to the alleged 2024 roadmap leak that recently surfaced. HYPEX themselves also claimed in another Twitter post that the roadmap is confirmed, adding full support for the leak.

However, some fans still aren’t convinced about the roadmap, and Epic Games did not reveal an official roadmap yet. But the roadmap leak does line up well with the content that the Fortnite team did reveal. If so, a Marvel-themed season is likely on the way for Fortnite fans.

Last week, Epic Games did announce a Star Wars crossover with Fortnite, coming May 3rd.

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