‘Histera’: Fast-Paced Shooter Enters Early Access May 16

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Histera is an all-new shooter with epic potential, boasting unique mechanics that introduce an immense sense of replayability. It comes from StickyLock, a Dutch developer who has leant on the community to provide feedback that has shaped the creation of Histera, which utilises an innovative ‘Glitching’ feature to ensure that no two games are ever the same. It has just been revealed (with a new trailer) that Histera will enter early access on Steam on May 16.

No Second Guessing

StickyLock has created a solid shooter that’s equal parts energetic and unpredictable. In the latest trailer released to showcase the game, we get an in-depth look at the ‘Glitch’ mechanic that constantly alters the playing field. In Histera, players are forced to transition between various eras, leaping from a prehistoric setting to a dystopian city at the drop of a hat.

It’s a fluid mechanic that means players can never slow down – and they’ll never know what’s next. With the multi-era setup, players can take advantage of various historically accurate weapons, ranging from spears and bows to flame-shooting shotguns and WWII-themed ballistic weapons. As each round unfolds, the map will ebb and flow, with pick-ups constantly changing and altering the pacing of the game.

Here’s the trailer that revealed the early access release date for Histera:

Histera will have customisation options available to support the game’s free-to-play operating model. It has been confirmed by StickyLock that a battle pass will exist further down the line, offering players the potential to unlock a slew of cosmetics and other in-game items. At first glance, Histera looks like a fairly tasty shooter with some energetic elements that should help it stand out – for a while, at least.

Early access for Histera begins May 16 exclusively on Steam.

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