New Fortnite Setting Blocks ‘Confrontational Emotes’

fortnite confrontational emotes

Epic has revealed an all-new setting making its way into Fortnite. It’ll allow users to effectively block what’s being dubbed as ‘Confrontational Emotes’, such as Take the L and Laugh It Up. Once triggered, the new setting will mask these emotes, and users with ‘See Confrontational Emotes’ switched off will just see their opponent standing still and making no sound as they parade around unleashing one of these malicious emotes.

Is This Too Soft?

When Epic broke the news about this setting change on Twitter, the community ripped into the update, accusing Fortnite of becoming too soft. In total, four emotes will be blocked by this new setting:

  • Take the L
  • Laugh It Up
  • Whipcrack
  • Make It Plaintain

It was noted that this won’t stop players from doing the emotes, it’ll only stop certain players from seeing the emote. This is all to combat slightly toxic behaviour that sees players launch into one of these emotes after killing an enemy, often doing the emote over their lifeless body or while they’re knocked.

Do you think this is a soft move from Epic Games, or do you agree that it’s a good thing that’ll help young players stay calm when their opponents try to get a rise of out them in-game?

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