More People Than Ever Are Finding Out That Fallout 76 is Good

fallout 76

If there’s one game that has been brought into the spotlight by the recent success of Amazon’s Fallout show, it’s Fallout 76. It might have had a beleaguered beginning back in 2018, but thanks to the diligent work of Bethesda Game Studios, Fallout 76 was turned around and became something well worth playing.

Now, thanks to the popularity of the Fallout show and the massive explosion in the popularity of the post-apocalyptic franchise, hundreds of thousands of new players are learning just how good Fallout 76 is.

Wait, Fallout 76 is Good? Always Has Been

Last night, Fallout 76 hit an all-time high peak player count on Steam, with 72,930 players exploring the vast, open world of Appalachia concurrently. That’s not counting the vast swathes of players finding their way into the apocalypse on other platforms – PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The sentiment around Fallout 76 is better than ever before, and on streaming and content platforms, the game is blowing up.

I’ve been a Fallout fan for 15 years, and while I wasn’t fond of Fallout 76 when it came out, I gave it a second chance in 2020 and haven’t ever regretted that decision. Thousands of hours later, I’ve soaked up everything Fallout 76 has to offer – and I’m still playing. That’s the beauty of the live-service MMORPG model: the game never stops growing.

Sure, Fallout 76 had plenty of issues when it was released, but Bethesda Game Studios put in the work, signed up some third-party developers to help out, and eventually, the game became a gem of a title. Now, Fallout 76 boasts a living, breathing world – the largest and most diverse world in the Fallout series. If you’re new to the title, there are hundreds of hours of content sitting there, waiting to be experienced.

Fallout 76 always offered a stellar multiplayer experience, especially for hardcore fans and RP enthusiasts. It’s true to the lore of the series and is the most interactive Fallout game ever made. Whether you’re shooting up a Super Mutant hideout with your friends or taking in the sights and snapping away with the game’s photomode, there are so many ways to soak up what Fallout 76 has to offer.

And now, with the groundwork laid out by the Fallout TV show, thousands of new players – and ‘converted players’ – are finding out that Fallout 76 isn’t actually all that bad.

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