Fortnite LEGO Farm Friends Update & New Styles Coming April 23rd

Lego Fortnite Farm Friends Pig

In a new official blog post today, the Fortnite team announced that a Farm Friends update will arrive on April 23rd.

The Farm Friends update, v29.30, will feature a range of Village improvements and introduce animal recruitment.

The new Village recruitment cap will allow ten per Village, with seven total slots available for animals. Players will get to recruit pigs as a new animal, in addition to cows, sheep, and chickens.

Further, the Farm Friends update is going to feature five new villagers, more animal variants, and dozens of all-new styles. Players who already own the upcoming styles will automatically find them in their locker.

LEGO Fortnite Farm Friends

The sheer number of new styles has impressed fans. Some of the upcoming styles include Aeronaut, Bonehead, Chopper, Far Out Man, Stage Slayer, World Warrior, and more.

Fans quickly searched for clues about the alleged roadmap leak. A leak for Fortnite’s 2024 roadmap recently appeared to surface online, hinting at a lot of exciting content.

Although many reliable leakers believed it was real, no one could confirm it. Sadly, Farm Friends doesn’t seem to corroborate anything, either.

Fortnite recently announced a Star Wars crossover, rolling out on May 3rd. It will also feature LEGO content. If the Star Wars content matches imagery in the alleged roadmap, it might help validate the leak.

For now, Fortnite’s Farm Friends update will also smooth out quality-of-life issues and various bugs. That includes a Village Square UI overhaul, making it easier to monitor important details in your village.

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