El Paso, Elsewhere Is Getting A Movie

One of the best games of 2023 is getting a movie as El Paso, Elsewhere is heading to the big screen.

The movie is slated to star The Book of Clarence and Atlanta start LaKeith Stanfield as the titular James Savage, an addict whose ex-girlfriend is hellbent on destroying the world. That ex just happens to be Janet, the Draculae.

Stanfield also expected to produce the movie alongside Colin Stark and Lorenzo di Bonaventure’s Di Bonaventure Pictures.

As mentioned, El Paso, Elsewhere has you play as Savage in a game that harkens back to the days of Max Payne and Dead to Rights. Throughout the game you travel through an ever-changing motel as your reality becomes distorted to further you go in the void.

The story covers domestic abuse, addition, trauma, and more. Something that creator  Xalavier Nelson Jr. said required sensitivity from the entire studio during development.

“Every member of the team needs to be aligned,” he told Insider Gaming during an interview last September. “When it came to El Paso elsewhere, if we’re going to handle this, not only did the writing and the performance have to be on point, but everyone on the team had to be aligned around making sure that the absurdity and the surreality and the complication of that situation was handled with emotion and dignity. We also had to develop a kick-ass game around it.”

More details on the movie will come at a later time.

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