Every Modern Warfare 3 Rumor Rounded Up

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It has officially been confirmed by Activision that 2023’s Call of Duty will be Modern Warfare III (or Modern Warfare 3, depending on how you write it). It was an announcement that went hand-in-hand with a brief teaser trailer, and it set the internet ablaze. In this guide, we’re bringing every Modern Warfare 3 rumor and leak into one place, rounding up everything that we know about the game.

Every Modern Warfare 3 Rumor, Just For You

It’s quite possible that the Call of Duty franchise suffers from more leaks and rumors than any other series in gaming – there are just that many pairs of eyes on the many projects in the space. This year has been no different, and there are plenty of Modern Warfare 3 rumors circulating on social media and beyond.

Here’s what we know (or believe) about Modern Warfare 3.

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‘Perks’ Will Become ‘Gear

In MW3, perks will apparently take the form of ‘gear’, with each piece of equipment logically giving the player an ability. For instance, a certain pair of gloves will offer Fast Hands, while another might offer Strong Arm. There may be a set of boots that offer up Double Time, while another offers Ninja.

Oh, that’s right – Ninja is also reportedly making a return in Modern Warfare 3 as a perk and not a field upgrade.

That means that characters will be much more customisable than ever before, offering a really unique way to put your stamp on the game.

Slide Cancel and Reload Cancel Will Return

According to the freshest Modern Warfare 3 rumors, slide cancelling and reload cancelling are set to make a grand reappearance in the all-new game. This means that players will once again be flying around the map like phantoms, and the movement mechanics that were stripped from the game for Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 will be reinstated.

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Red Dots Are Back

For Modern Warfare II, the classic minimap was removed, and red dots that appear on the map when someone fires their weapon were stripped away entirely. Instead, a ‘compass’ style bar was added to the top of the screen, offering some way of identifying the location of the enemy – but it wasn’t good.

Reportedly, if the Modern Warfare 3 rumor is to be believed, the classic minimap is making a return this year, and it’s going to bring with it those all-important red dots that make the game that little bit more accessible for players.

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WWII’s War Mode Could Be Returning

War Mode was an ambitious game mode featured in Call of Duty: WWII. It offered up a narrative-driven arena that saw an attacking team attempt to complete various objectives while the defending team attempted to hold them back. It was similar to Battlefield’s larger game modes – such as Grand Operations – and there were various maps built as ‘Operations’ in WWII to accommodate these large-scale fights.

There’s a chance that we could see a modernised version surface in Modern Warfare 3, if claims are to be believed.

Round-Based Zombies Could Return

There were claims made months ago that Call of Duty 2023 – which we now know is Modern Warfare 3 – would feature a ’round-based Zombies’ mode. That could still be the case, as that particular rumor has remained strong while others have come and gone.

Could we see a modernised Zombies mode built into the side of Modern Warfare 3 when it releases on November 10th?

The Old Maps are Back

It’s almost expected at this point, but it has been rumored (and leaked through images) that old, classic maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 will be making a reappearance in Modern Warfare 3. It’s a given at this point, and it could be argued that it’s a trademark of Activision’s studios to revisit old fan-favourite maps.

How many times have we seen Nuketown make an appearance, for instance?

Are We Going to Las Almas?

modern warfare 3 rumours
We’ve had a glimpse at Las Almas – what comes next?

Reportedly, when Modern Warfare 3 drops, it’ll bring with it an all-new Warzone experience set in Las Almas, the Mexican region explored during Modern Warfare 2’s 2022 campaign. There were images that were rumored to show a potential Las Almas map taken from MWII itself, but it’s not known if those maps were simply part of the scenery or an indication of something much bigger yet to come.

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Are you excited about Modern Warfare 3? If so, you don’t have long to wait – the game will be released on November 10th, 2023.