Will Call of Duty 2023 Have Round-Based Zombies? New Rumor Emerges

new warzone 2.0 map zombies

A new leak/rumor from Call of Duty zombies content creator Glitching Queen has suggested that round-based zombies will be coming to Call of Duty 2023.

According to Glitching Queen, the source of the rumor stems from a QA playtester who is currently testing round-based zombies slated for Call of Duty 2023. Insider Gaming heard similar rumors several weeks ago. However, hearing information from one source should never be reported.

After corroborating with trusted and vetted sources, Insider Gaming believes that round-based zombies are almost certainly coming as a major reboot in 2024 and not in Call of Duty 2023. It’s understood that the current plan is to introduce zombies as a different experience between now and Treyarch’s next title.

As mentioned by Glitching Queen, people are playtesting for the next Call of Duty game – But they are also playtesting for Call of Duty 2024. Documents that leaked during the latest Activision data breach, that were provided to Insider Gaming, showed the names and consoles of those playtesting Treyarch’s next title.

Earlier this month, a new job listing for a Treyarch Senior Level Designer outlined “As a Senior Level Designer, you will work on production content for Call of Duty Warzone, Outbreak, and other large map experiences.” As to be expected, the job listing entails that Warzone 2.0 will receive a brand-new large-scale Warzone map with the next Black Ops game.

Admittingly, Call of Duty zombies development has been chaotic and confusing these past couple of years, so it’s entirely plausible that things could change once again. But, we’re pretty confident that as of right now, there are no plans for round-based zombies in 2023.

What do you think? Do you want to see round-based zombies in Call of Duty 2023?

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  1. Honestly, ever since I first started to play zombies in bo1, I loved it. I enjoy the old and the new. I know my opinion won’t be valid to most but I would love to see what they can do in the next cod game. It’d be cool to see if they can make it where u can learn the whole history of zombie all in one that’s jus me tho

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