Every GTA Campaign, Ranked

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is easily one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world. With seven main titles under its belt, and an eighth one to come soon (GTA VI), many have loved the campaign and world-building that Rockstar has given us.

Here is every GTA campaign, ranked from worst to best.

Ranking Every GTA Campaign From Worst To Best

While many love side-missions and the large open world that GTA gives us, the campaigns that come with each game are still exhilarating and pull people in. In fact, even though this is a list of every GTA campaign ranked, there really is no bad GTA story.

Every game gives players unique characters, an amazing world and more to explore.

7. GTA

The very first GTA was huge in its own way but lacked storyline-wise. Maybe it was just the fact that it was not a 3D game, or that there wasn’t much of a campaign, just missions. Still, the game was fun in its own way.

Still, the original GTA got the franchise to where it is today, so it deserves credit for its campaign.


GTA II’s campaign was definitely a step up from the first, but still nowhere as strong as any of the future GTA storylines. Just like its predecessor, GTA II didn’t have much of a campaign. At the time, players probably loved the unique gameplay, but compared to others the missions were a bit boring.

GTA II is not by any means a bad game but does not have the campaign to support it like some of the future titles do.

5. GTA: Vice City

While GTA: Vice City isn’t a contender for the best GTA campaign, it still had quite an interesting storyline. Completing various crimes as the main character, Tommy Vercetti, the game puts players directly into a campaign that revolves around the city’s drug trades.

The stakes get high and the action ends up being pretty intense, making GTA: Vice City a great campaign to play.

4. GTA V

GTA V might be one of the most popular games of all time, but it is more for its online and massive open world to explore. Yes, the campaign is still great, but it is not as great as one would think with the outrageous amount of sales this game has produced.

Still, GTA V holds up as one of the better campaigns in the series, especially because due to the fact that it has the smoothest mechanics.


GTA III was not only the first third-person and 3D game of the series, but it also has one of the best campaigns GTA has ever offered. Players were given the chance to play alongside the mafia in Liberty City (which was based on New York City) in this riveting storyline.

GTA III’s campaign was full of action, betrayal and more, making it easily one of the best GTA campaigns ever made.

2. GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas really took their campaign to the next level. With multiple famous actors doing voice-overs, such as Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Penn and more, the game’s storyline instantly became an epic hit. It is also the longest GTA campaign to date, giving players plenty of story to enjoy.

GTA: San Andreas’s campaign easily takes the case as the second-best storyline in the GTA franchise.


Widely known as one of the greatest video games of all time, GTA IV also has the best campaign in the entire GTA series. Taking place again in Liberty City, the story follows a European who snuck overseas to pursue a new life. The character ends up falling for a life of crime, as this riveting storyline plays out to be quite the ride.

GTA IV’s campaign still takes the trophy as the greatest campaign in GTA history. Maybe, though, GTA VI will finally dethrone it.