Every Fortnite Chapter in Order of Release

Fortnite has had quite a few chapters, separated by various seasons, throughout its vast history. Every Chapter has introduced something new, keeping players on their toes and longing for more.

Here is every Fortnite Chapter in order of release.

When Was Each Fortnite Chapter Released?

Fortnite first started in 2017, and since then, the game has become one of the most popular video games in the world. Millions of gamers hop on the game every day. This has given Fortnite the opportunity to continue releasing new chapters and seasons every year.

Here is every Fortnite Chapter.

1. Chapter 1

Beginning in 2017, Chapter 1 flourished, creating a legacy like no other. The game had one of its highest player bases during this Chapter. Everyone had to hop on and try and get their first Victory Royale. The Chapter was made up of 10 seasons, ending with Season X.

Chapter 1 marked a historic time for Fortnite history, as the game would never be where it is now without it.

2. Chapter 2

Beginning in 2019, Chapter 2 marked a defining time within Fortnite history. Coming straight out of the black hole that ended Chapter 1, many were unsure what would be next for the game. This was the first time Fortnite gave us a new map too, which was huge for the community. The Chapter had a total of eight seasons.

Chapter 2 was a great Chapter for Fortnite fans, making it one of the best Chapters around.

3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3 gave players some of the best moments possible for Fortnite gamers with its release in 2021. Not only did the season give us a new map, but we were given the Spider-Man Gauntlets, which allowed players to swing around the entire island. Chapter 3 might have only had four seasons, but it was a great year for fans of the Battle Royale.

Chapter 3 still stands as one of the best Chapters ever released in Fortnite.

4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4, released at the end of 2022, gave players a fresh style of gameplay. With the addition of Kinetic Weapons, players were able to find new ways to rotate and fight around the map. Locations like Mega City gave players that classic Tilted Towers feel that they had been missing. The Chapter lasted a solid four seasons, taking place during the entirety of 2023.

Chapter 4 will always have a place in Fortnite gamers’ hearts, being one of the most entertaining seasons overall.

5. OG Fortnite

Only lasting for a month during 2023, OG Fortnite is easily the most historical season in Fortnite history. With their highest player base to date, everyone wanted a chance to jump back into their favorite seasons from Chapter 1. Hopefully, Fortnite will choose to do something like this again in the future.

OG Fortnite is easily one of the greatest seasons of Fortnite of all time, and many are hoping to see them do the same event next year with Chapter 2.

6. Chapter 5

Set to release around Dec 3, 2023, Chapter 5 of Fortnite is highly anticipated. Many are wondering how the game will fair after getting out of the popularity that was created with OG Fortnite.