Rockstar Releases GTA 6 Trailer Early Due to Leaks

gta 6

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 Trailer has officially been released from Rockstar Games 15 hours early due to it being leaked early online.

Featuring Tom Petty’s “Love is a Long Road”, the trailer officially confirms a 2025 release date for GTA 6.

After speculation if the leaked trailer was indeed real or not, about 20 minutes after the leak, Rockstar decided the damage had already been done and decided to drop the trailer on their official YouTube channel.

While official game details remain limited, the trailer does confirm the return of Vice City as the primary location as well as the first female protagonist in series history. The trailer also gives a look into the cast of characters that only a GTA game can offer.

“Grand Theft Auto VI continues our efforts to push the limits of what’s possible in highly immersive, story-driven open-world experiences,” Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games, said via release. “We’re thrilled to be able to share this new vision with players everywhere.”

You can view the trailer at the link below:

What do you think of the first GTA 6 trailer and the 2025 release date? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. So would 7 be back in Liberty? This game lack grit it’s too colorful I know Miami but still also barely any Hispanic people what’s up with that? Miami is mostly Cuban the GTA version doesn’t have any? I hope GTA 7 is better than this and back to a gritty vibe and return to rap influence it can have color but it doesn’t need to be as hokey as this looks. It feels more like Tallahassee and Alabama than Miami. The love story thing just isn’t doing it for me it seems hokey and I guess those that disliked 5 for multiple mains will dislike this too. White people robbery also seems weird same with good looking girl doing stick ups

  2. For the 50th anniversary of hip-hop a GTA game in Liberty City would have been it since it’s based on the Mecca New York. This looks way too country meets pink and what’s with all the fat women especially in Vice City which is based on Miami which is predominantly Hispanic especially sexy Hispanic women I saw like 1 hot redneck white girl and a bunch of hippos Florida has a lot of hotties especially Hispanic and white. They should have just made this game with another old white dude or mix it like they did 5 like a Cuban trying to make it in America escaped communism fighting the American oppressor to achieve what all Americans want, black guy from the hood that wants better, and the old white mafia guy who retired but is bored so they team up.

  3. This girl is ugly and why does her boyfriend have to be a pretty boy? What’s with the pretty boy thing why can’t she be with a thug and why is he white? I heard a rumor Carcer City is coming back please tell me we get some Manhunt DLC post launch with a different main I would rather play some dark organized snuff film crime game over this rainbow game it gives me Rage 2 vibes. I hope Dan Houser can make a successor to GTA.

  4. This looks bad it looks like last gen why would anyone like this! The game story looks like ass and the characters suck too. They made this so “modern day” it looks super fake and sensitive. Missed opportunity to make a Vice City game returning to the mafia roots and push a primarily Hispanic cast which would be awesome but no instead we get privileged girl and guy who are misunderstood so they decide to rob people and party I assume that awful movie spring breakers with Selena Gomez from 10 years ago influenced this trash.

  5. Everything else in Vice City looks more interesting than Lucia and generic Justin Bieber looking white guy the GTA 5 formula would have worked great here redneck, young guy could be Hispanic this time, and old organized criminal together and hatch a plan to take on some entity like a rich prick, banker, land development mogul, whoever effecting all of them and screwing them over. Didn’t Trevor move to Vice City? Trevor should have came back he’s entertaining unlike this boring love story with troubled teens neither one of these 2 looks like they know how to fight or rob someone at least Franklin and Lamar were young and tough they came from the hood and Franklin was smart unlike these dumb fucks. If they wanted to do this at least get a tougher looking guy instead of this copy paste AI generated white guy why couldn’t the boyfriend be black or Hispanic?

  6. When’s Red Dead 3? This game gives me Mafia 3 feeling but with rainbow unicorns and fat people it looks like GTA 5

  7. This girl does not look hood why does she have an anklet? And wannabe Channing Tatum is not scaring anyone they look like they couldn’t hurt a fly. What happened to GTA? This game I expect to sell extremely well but it looks like Saints Row 2022 with better graphics. Why couldn’t Deep Silver let Volition make a proper Saints game with Johnny Gat and the crew doing hood shit? Why can’t someone make an open world crime game that’s like that a new True Crime or Sleeping Dogs 2 this Fortnite looking game is what we get instead.

  8. Game looks like rachet Cyberpunk 2077 there’s no improvements or graphical leap just a location change

  9. All this talk about diversity and we still have to play as a white dude he’s not even cool like Niko or Trevor he’s just some dumb idiot. Why couldn’t her boyfriend be hispanic too?

  10. Trailer shows 1 7 in a bikini and the rest are pigs this game is gonna be some weird romance shit isn’t it

  11. Why is it ok for a white girl to portray a colored girl? Look up the actress and model they’re not this color they look white.

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